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We're an innovative company with a long
and well established association within the
air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and
ventilation industry.


This is a handful of our staff and meant to give a brief insight to behind the scenes.

Adam Dyne, Cool Projects

Adam Dyne

Sales Director
Responsible for controlling the direction of the company and its performance. Generates new business and gives approval of new projects. Ensures correct practises are being met. Has ultimate responsibility for the day to day running through to developing strategies for business development and growth.

Andy Warwick Cool Projects

Andy Warwick

Managing Director
Works closely with the other managers in the team expanding the business and promoting the company. Having worked previously in the service sector he recognises the importance of ‘getting it right’ first time and so strives to ensure that our level of service is always at its highest.

Peter Ford Cool Projects

Peter Ford

Pete has spent 25 years within the air conditioning industry and has a wealth of experience. His technical ability and knowledge will help to generate and develop new business. He is also responsible for the smooth running of installation projects for clients including Boots and The Co-op.

Edward Dyne Cool Projects

Edward Dyne

Manages sites and operatives ensuring site standards are met. Liaises between clients/office/management and engineers.

Courtney Downey Cool Projects

Courtney Downey

Project Coordinator
Liaises with clients on behalf of the directors. Provide quotations, follow ups, manuals and ordering of parts. Manages sub contractors and labour allocations.



Installation Engineer

Service/Maintenance Engineer

Engineer's Apprentice


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